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Berry Duo

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SKU: 2MC-Q4 2016-OFFER 3

Give the gift of gorgeous, healthy nails with Micro Cell’s Berry Colour & Repair Duo. These fruity shades will turn heads at any occasion and come complete with Micro Cell’s repair complex.

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Product Description

This unique nail beauty solution is the first quick-drying varnish which also strengthens the nails. In addition to the unique MICRO CELL repair complex, COLOUR & REPAIR is enriched with silicon, calcium, green alga and a unique Diamond-Gloss.

•Brilliant shine
•Nail make-up & strengthener
•Flake Resistant
•Protects against staining
•Accelerates nail growth
•Silicium & Calcium strengthens the nail
•Green Algae supplies moisture for elasticity & flexibility
•Long-lasting, quick-drying varnish with Diamond-Gloss effect


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