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CRepair Set

Colour & Repair Gift Set

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No need to compromise – Micro Cell’s Colour & Repair Gift Set gives you perfect cover and brilliant shine with this classic red shade that also helps to strengthen and condition your nails.


Colour & Repair Red Obsession 11ml:

More than just nail varnish, MICRO CELL’s COLOUR & REPAIR RED OBSESSION is the first quick-drying varnish which also strengthens the nails.

In addition to the unique MICRO CELL repair complex, COLOUR & REPAIR is enriched with silicon, calcium, green alga and a unique Diamond-Gloss.


  • Brilliant shine
  • Nail make-up & strengthener
  • Flake Resistant
  • Protects against staining
  • Accelerates nail growth
  • Silicium & Calcium strengthens the nail
  • Green Algae supplies moisture for elasticity & flexibility
  • Long-lasting, quick-drying varnish with Diamond-Gloss effect


Nail Wonder 10ml:
Nail Wonder is a 5 in 1 wonder product for nail colour protection and glamorous gloss.
1.Instant dryer for perfectly polished nails – it connects with the nail polish and speeds up the drying process

2.Prolongs the life of all nail polishes  – protects against peeling and chipping (can be used with any brand of polish)

3.A colour refresher – gives faded polish a freshly painted look

4.Offers protection – protects against aggressive influences & dehydration

5.Smoothing Filler – smoothes surface and evens out small imperfections

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