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Nail Repair Beauty Kit

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Start your journey from weak, brittle nails to tantalising talons with Micro Cell’s Nail Repair Duo.

The Nail Repair Duo contains Nail Repair 12ml & Nail Repair Remover 50ml. Specifically designed for soft and brittle nails, the two products work in synergy to strengthen damaged nails and protect against tearing and splitting of the nail tips. Nails grow stronger and more resistant!

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Product Description

Nail Repair 12ml

Developed specifically for soft & brittle nails
Strengthens nail & prevents splitting or tearing
Accelerates growth
Activates the rebuilding of protein molecules in nail layers
Connects with horny layers and strengthens body of the nail

Nail Repair Remover 50ml

Acetone-free and mild
Works in synergy with Nail Repair
Suitable for all nail types and will remove all nail varnishes
Especially effective on weak, fragile nails

Application of Nail Repair: Apply one layer of NAIL REPAIR on two consecutive days. On the third treatment day remove all varnish layers with NAIL REPAIR REMOVER and repeat the treatment as on the first and second day. The treatment should be carried out for 2 – 3 weeks. Then it is recommended to use NAIL REPAIR weekly as a base coat.


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