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Nail Wonder 12ml

£13.95 £7.25

SKU: 2MC-23176

NAIL WONDER is a truly magic varnish for every situation that offers a five-fold action in a single product. Thanks to its exceptional formula, MICRO CELL NAIL WONDER is an essential part of nail care and manicuring.


Product Description

Used as a quick-drying product NAIL WONDER dries nails at lightning speed

As a top coat sealant NAIL WONDER increases the shine of varnished nails and extends the durability of freshly varnished nails

As a colour freshener NAIL WONDER leaves your nails looking freshly varnished again

As a groove & ridge filler NAIL WONDER fills out to smooth the nail plate

As clear varnish NAIL WONDER protects against aggressive external influences and gives the nails a brilliant shine.


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