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SHELLFIX – Resistant Gel Finish F5- Bright Red

£24.95 £12.97

SKU: 2MC-SF30050

With this patented SHELLFIX technology MICRO CELL sets a completely new milestone in the field of nail cosmetics, revolutionising the market. The combination of SHELLFIX GEL POLISH and SHELLFIX RESISTANT gives a virtually indestructible finish, lasting up to 2 weeks. Perfect for home treatment, as a UV lamp is not required. The patented SHELLFIX® POLISH technology is based on a completely unique plasticiser gel formulation, which forms a highly adhesive connection with the nail plate, while SHELLFIX® RESISTANT has a dual polymer resinification characteristic, providing a complete, strong and scratch-proof sealing of the varnished surface. •Ultra-brilliant colour and long-lasting varnish •Chip and flake resistant •Even, streak-free polish with a long term high-gloss effect The proven MICRO CELL Repair Complex also helps the nail to retain its natural flexibility, protects the nail plate from drying and the tip from tearing.

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