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Care Recommendations

90% of all women tend to have problems with soft, brittle and splitting nails. Whilst only 15% of these problems are caused by genetic or medical reasons, the rest are due to the use of acetone nail polish removers, detergents, harsh chemicals and cosmetic nail products such as extensions. The following tips will help you have the perfect nails & hands that you can be proud of:

1. Removal of nail polish
To prevent your nails from drying out during the removal of varnish, use a non-acetone nail polish remover, such as MICRO CELL Nail Repair Remover or for quick and easy removal on the go, use the dip-in remover. Always remove the nail polish from the nail bed to nail tip, never the reverse, otherwise varnish residue could get under the cuticle.

2. Trimming of nails
Top priority: Do not cut nails! Filing is gentler and allows the nails to be shaped as required. Use good quality files, such as the MICRO CELL Professional Glass File, which fills hairline cracks while filing and shaping even soft, brittle nails perfectly. It seals the nail edges during filing to prevent the tip from splitting. Do not over file nail sides as this can causing tearing on the tip. Tip: Wide nails look narrower when they are filed to an oval form.

3. Cuticle Care
Do not cut away the cuticle. It protects the nail bed, from which the nail grows, from dirt and infection. Which could cause unsightly swellings and inflammation and interfering with the growth of the nail. Stubborn cuticles can be treated in a particularly gentle and nourishing way without "corrosive" substances by using MICRO CELL Cuticle Care Pen. A regular application of MICRO CELL Rescue Oil not only ensures silky smooth hands but also prevent thickening of the cuticle.

4. Painted nails
Do not soak nails in water before applying nail varnish as the nails absorb water & will shrink on drying - this causes the nail varnish to peel off much more quickly. A base coat, such as MICRO CELL Nail Repair protects your nails from staining and helps the discoloured nails to recover. Applied over the nail polish MICRO CELL Nail Wonder provides an additional unique sheen. & accelerates the drying time process so avoiding the annoying wait for your nails to dry.

5. Protection
Always wear gloves during housework and gardening. Your nails (and your hands) will thank you!

6. Nail Health
Whether you have nails that require strengthening or to maintain healthy nails MICRO CELL  Nail Repair should be used regularly. It restores protein molecules in the corneal layer to strengthen & promote nail growth & health. It creates a silicone -like layer to protect the nail from drying-out. Overall, MICRO CELL Nail Repair helps the nails to be healthier & look great!